Government programs supporting small-scale farmers in Peru


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Sierra Exportadora


Sierra Exportadora is a government entity created to promote the development of rural economic activities in the Andes. Sierra Exportadora works with private actors and strategic alliances to not only create access to markets for small-scale farmers but also provides training and technology for the farmers. The organisation has two main objectives: (1) Develop and strengthen the national and international markets and (2) Consolidate and extend a competitive product offering in the Peruvian Andes in terms of real demand nationally and internationally.



AGROIDEAS is a program of the Ministry of Agriculture dedicated to increasing the competitiveness, productivity and income levels of small to medium farmers in Peru. The organisation provides grants to producer organisations working in agriculture, livestock and forestry industries.

AGROIDEAS provides co-financing for technological innovations, business management and start-up funding.



El Banco Agropecuario is a development bank created by the government to support small to medium farmers in Peru with financial services and technical assistance. The bank provides direct and indirect loans to small to medium farmers. Direct loans are given to small farmers who are organised in the supply chain, and supported with supervision and technical assistance. The objective is for these farmers to achieve economies of scale, reduce their costs and increase their income levels.

Indirect loans are given to medium farmers through special financing programs through financial intermediaries such as commercial banks, rural and municipal banks. The loans contribute to increasing available credit to medium-sized farmers.