Online privacy


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In the course of carrying out transactions through your e-commerce site you will be collecting personal information about your customers. It is therefore vital that you have a privacy policy and a usage policy for your site.

These policies will state how you intend to use the personal information from product orders and other information you collect about your site visitors. This is a very important step to take and should not be taken lightly. When you write the policy make sure you follow it to the letter. Not doing so may put you in violation of the FTC Act.

If you get a seal from a trusted third party (TTP) then you'll have to also follow their specifications.

Display the link to your Privacy Policy in a conspicuous spot on your home page and your ordering pages. Make the language easy to understand and clearly state how the information will be used. It is generally recommended to give the consumer the option of not sharing their personal information (assuming you're planning on sharing the data with others). If you are sharing the information, state with whom you will be sharing it.

Include a statement about how you use cookies. Many people are still not clear about how cookies work and are not comfortable with idea. (You may also want to set up your system to not rely on cookies since many people have them disabled in their browsers.) [1]