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Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms in the World for business Bloggers and entrepreneurs

An easy customization layout and design feature, easy social options of sharing to allow users to share articles, and easy to monetize feature easily, and blogging platforms are vital for those planning to create a blog post.

Blogging plays an essential role to those willing to educate others and share their passion through blog posts.

With the best blogging platforms, you can quickly build trust and improve your writing skills.

There has been an increase of many blogging platforms, each regarded as the best, making it hard for bloggers to choose the right one. In this article, we will help you choose the best blogging platform.

Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms in the World


WordPress continues to win the hearts of many as one of the best site-building packages. WordPress is the best choice to feature a free to download feature, easy customization, and a wide range of add-ons to enhance specialized functionality. WordPress allows experienced users to work at a technical familiarity with the programming languages PHP and HTML CSS. This blogging platform has features to assist beginners set up a site quickly without programming or coding.


  • Adaptable and flexible for changing needs
  • It has plugins used for extending functionality
  • User-friendly features for beginners and experienced users
  • The site of WordPress are ranked high
  • The sites of this blogging platform have a built-in blog
  • It has sites that are mobile responsive
  • The community of WordPress offers support to users


  • For additional features in WordPress, you are required lots of plugins
  • Frequent plugin updates and themes
  • The page speed is slow
  • The SEO ranking of WordPress is poor
  • It has a website vulnerability
  • The website can shut or go down without any notice


The software of the WordPress blogging platform is free. For starting any website, you will need a domain hosting of about $1.49/month and a domain name that costs $10.50/year.

And to get it cheap with the world’s best WP hosting control panel visit the WordPress hosting site by SeekaHost.

SeekaHost Blogging platform

Visit WordPress and see the excellent guide on how to start a WordPress website with a blog.

Constant Contact Website

constant contact

Constant Contact is one of the best blogging websites that allows users to create a business website, an online store, and a free blog within minutes. It has a sizeable customized website design and an extensive template collection for an easy drag and drop interface. Some of the tools included in the constant contact website are custom logo masker, online store, and many more. Constant Contact is one of the best-recognized blogging platforms across the globe.


  • It has dozens of intelligent website platform designs
  • It has an ecommerce integration
  • It has a strong integration of the social media platforms
  • It is cost-effective
  • It is a time saver
  • It has a hassle which is zero maintenance
  • Easier editing and creation of emails
  • 25/7 user support
  • Robust features for contact management


  • Tweaking the appearance of texts can be sometimes difficult
  • It has graphic elements which are confusing in their sizing as well as placement
  • Has extra charge to the additional users
  • It has underwhelming website designs
  • The features on the website are not advanced


This blogging platform consists of three plans: a starter plan for $10/month, a free plan, and a business plan for $20/month.

If you wish to have any experience building a website, consider visiting contact content and learn more on how to start a blog.



The Wix is a hosted platform founded in 2006 for those who wish to create their website. It has a drag and drops feature that offers an ideal solution for users or small businesses to create a website easily. With the Wix blogging platform, you can quickly build a website without the skills of coding. Currently, the Wix is one of the best-recognized blogging platforms across the globe.


  • It has an excellent site speed
  • Has an extensive template collection
  • Has large template collection
  • It has a drag and drop interface that is intuitive.
  • You can easily extend your site with the Wix.
  • It has an array of extra features for advancing your site
  • It has lots of customer support and helps


  • The template s are not interchangeable
  • It would be best if you had a paid plan for analytics and tracking
  • Your website is not transferable


The primary Wix blogging site for the users is free. You can get a Wix subdomain quickly with a free Wix account. Those who intend to add a custom domain can do so for about $4.50/month. The premium plans for the user site start from $8.50/month to $24.50/month.

Visit the Wix to discover more on how to start a blog.



The medium blogging platform has grown into a community of experts, writers, journalists, and bloggers. If you are looking for an easy-to-use blogging platform with features like limited social networking, this is the best choice for you. Like an asocial networking site, the medium allows users to create an account that will help them publish their articles.


  • It has an easy to use the feature with no coding skills required
  • You can reach an ideal online community of those people that have similar interests
  • Instead of designing your site, you can decide to focus solemnly on writing when using the medium blogging platform
  • Easy to reach a new audience
  • It has an excellent import tool
  • The engagement metrics in the medium blogging platform seems real
  • It is easy to get discovered by the well-known publishers
  • The medium blogging platform has no API


  • Users do not own their content
  • There is no control of the metadata
  • There is no testing of the A/B
  • There is no tracking of the pixels as well as a lack of CTA ownership
  • The medium blogging platform does not allow control over the recommendations


The medium is free to use.

Visit the Wix blogging platform to receive guidelines on how to start a blog.



With the ghost as a recognized blogging platform, it has features focused on blog post writing. If you want a blogging platform that is available as software and as a hosted platform, this is the best choice.


  • It has an intuitive, clean, and clutter-free user interface
  • It is super-fast because it is written in JavaScript
  • For any hosted version, no setup is required
  • It focuses mainly on writing and blogging


  • It is difficult for those that wish to customize their site with apps
  • The options are limited for the simplified interface users
  • The themes for changing the appearance of a site are not enough
  • It has a complicated setup for those that wish to install it by themselves


A custom domain of about $14.99/year and web hosting of about $7.99/month is needed for a self-hosted version.

Pay a visit to the Ghost blogging platform to learn more.

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