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Best Beginner WordPress Tutorials For Starting a Blog

Looking Best Beginner WordPress Tutorials to start a blog? For anyone new or looking to learn more about WordPress and blogging but doesnt want to spend hours looking for the right tutorials.

Beginner WordPress Tutorials

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Where to Start With WordPress Tutorials?

If your looking to get into creating blogs or websites then WordPress is the number one way to create them easily and with out much experience. But as easy as they have made it, guides will always get you there quicker than finding out through trial and error.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different tutorials guide on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook and of course all the blogs out there. So sometimes it can be hard to find a the right tutorials for you.

YouTube and Facebook WordPress Tutorials

Although new to the scene, I have started creating tutorials from beginners on my YouTube Channel and Facebook page as well as with SeekaHost were you can find my most up to date video tutorials or written blogs and guides.

Starting off with Minecraft and Servers Tutorials which you can find on the Official Jdog Site.

Beginner WordPress Tutorials

I quickly started learning WordPress, blogging and everything else that may be related. Working together with SeekaHost we decided to create tutorials that anyone can follow and start with nothing but end up with a fully functional site.

The idea is to get as many people as possible online and break that barrier of not trying it due to thinking you have to be able to code to create amazing looking sites. It simply isn’t the case, everything has been made so user friendly now that a simple video or guide will just clear up the process and get your site looking amazing.

Beginner WordPress Tutorials

Get Good Hosting

Good hosting is a must before getting into WordPress and blogging. One of the reasons I got into making tutorials for others was due to how affordable and easy I found it with SeekaHost. From Single WordPress sites to Registering Domains the whole process and management were made really clear and easy. If you would like to learn wordpress, you can even start with Free WordPress Hosting.

Starting Up Your First Blog

Many tutorials are either hours long when you search how to start a WordPress Site, or seem a bit complicated. Not only that some tutorials forget that beginners may not understand certain technical words. Which might lead you to not be able to complete the tutorial at some point during the tutorial.

This is why we prefer to keep things simple and break them down into sections. There is of course a longer tutorial we have combined with all the starting element together for those that do prefer to follow one tutorial start to finish and have it all over and done with.

Video Links

Looking For WordPress Designers?

Sometimes we simply haven’t got the time to create a site for our business or blog. We understand that life can be extremely busy sometimes and getting the time to create a WordPress site isn’t always an option.

On the Jdog Website, you can also find our new Jdog website design services section for low cost but high-value WordPress Site Design. Get a free quote for anything from a small blog to a large online shop.

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