Best Email Hosting for Small Business Entrepreneurs in the UK

email hosting solution with SeekaHost

A fantastic way to get single or multiple email hosting plans for your domain for professional looking emails covering all departments.

Trusted Email Hosting Solution With SeekaHost

When starting in business, especially with a website its important to have a professional looking email address connected to your domain so clients not only see your brand, your site name but also trust the email as its coming from a a domain specific email.

We have found that SeekaHost Email Hosting has one of the best options for this at the cheapest price available for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Starting from only £0.75 per month for 1 mail box you will not only get a domain specific email but get it for much less than other companies.

With other companies charging double or sometimes more than the price that does its clear from the start you will be saving money using this service. Is there catch?

After using the service our self we found that you actually get an incredible service for his price, with full features including Anti Spam Protection, Fully Localised Webmail, Easy Setup and Flexible Storage Options.

Why Use Domain Specific Email Hosting?

We recommend this for many reasons, most of all as anyone can create a free google or outlook account and call it a business name. Making it much less trusted as a business email. And of course the popular short names for the email can well be taken due to the fact anyone can get them for free.

If your were to get an email from or an email from Which one would you trust? Which is why it is important to sometimes spend a bit to help your business in the long run.

Multiple Email Hosting Solutions For Your Domain

Now the best part of this is that you can get multiple emails for your domain, and they are all domain specific. You can get up to 20 mailboxes with and all can have different prefix (the part before the @domain name) and also different allies.

For instance you might have a sales department, a returns department, Customer service team and more. By changing the prefix you can have an individual mailbox for all your departments but all coming form one domain.

Lets say your domain is Is you choose the 5 mailbox package you could have.


Giving all the departments in your business an individual mailbox to handle customers and not get mixed up. Another great usage for this is giving your team individual email address to reply back to customers.

So if you have a team of people you can easily create a mailbox for each one of them, and all through one package on SeekaHost.


Inside The Mailbox Portal

Lets take a quick look inside the portal to see what its like.

seekahost mailbox hosting solutions

First of all setup is easy, one you decide on your email address name it gives you a line to copy and paste into your DNS for your domain. This is done within a few minutes and our email was ready to go.

seekahost email hosting

you get an easy to sue interface for managing your emails. Set up and configuration is easy to do and accessible from your mailbox hosting account.

seekahost email hosting 2

You get all the options you need plus extra features such as auto responder which can be extremely helpful for when your away of when you need a response before your team can find the answer to resolve a problem.

seekahost mailbox hosting autoresponder

Pricing and Features You Get With SeekaHost Mailbox Hosting

All the prices are very reasonable and have a great amount of features with them also, this would be great for any Entrepreneurs or business owner to really make sure all your services are looking professional and function as intended.


prices of seekahost mailbox hosting

With up to 20 mailboxes for only £15 per month you can get your entire team with their own custom email, or potentially even offer free email service with your consultancy, or service your offering.


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