8 Marketing Techniques & Trends to Try in 2022

There’s no time like the present to begin planning which marketing techniques to use in 2022.

Marketing in a constantly evolving world means that a fad today could be a trend tomorrow and eventually become the norm by this time next year.

As you continue your digital marketing journey, brainstorm unique ways to retain customers and convert your leads into customers.

The following are 8 marketing techniques and trends that you should start to consider for 2022.

1. More Conversions Will Be Mobile-Oriented

Marketing-Techniques-to-Try-in-2022The number of mobile users will significantly increase in five years. With that in mind, e-commerce sites need to be developed with a mobile-friendly platform. Utilize an sms short code service to connect with customers and notify them of any upcoming deals you may have.

Using mobile digital marketing doesn’t mean that you need to focus less on your website; it just means that you need to consider mobile marketing as a strategy to win over customers.

2. Inbound Sales

digital-marketing-tips-2021Strategies for inbound marketing, such as SEO and content curation, are becoming more popular by the minute. Instead of focusing on banner ads or commercials, marketers are now striving to create valuable, relevant content that attracts visitors organically.

Inbound marketing will continue to grow in the next five years because it’s a technique that requires less effort (relative to other marketing strategies) yet produces high-quality leads at a much lower cost than outbound marketing efforts.

3. A Surge of Chatbots

digital-marketing-tips-2021The chatbot craze is just getting started, and it’s going to pick up speed this year. Using chatbots on your website is a great form of customer service. If visitors to your site see the option to chat in case, they need help navigating your site, disputing a purchase, or negotiating coupon deals, they are more likely to visit your site again and again.

Chatbots may not seem like a form of marketing, but the results of using chatbots on your website will bring you more customers.

4. Visual Content Comes to the Front

digital-marketing-trends-for-2022This year, marketers should expect more visual content than ever before. The key to visual content is consistency, which means that marketers should already be well into creating visual assets by this time next year. It’s no secret that visuals are more compelling than text, and if you want your brand to stay competitive in 2022, you must include an abundance of images throughout your content and link building plan.

5. Be a Guest on a Podcast

digital-marketing-trends-for-2022Podcasts have recently increased in popularity, especially because of the pandemic. So, why not capitalize on this? You don’t have to start your own podcast, but you can be a guest on an existent podcast. Reach out to podcast hosts that have shown in your niche. Doing this will give you the opportunity to discuss and market your business, exposing you to a new audience who may not be familiar with your business.

6. Targeted Content Gets Even Tougher

Marketing-Techniques-to-Try-in-2022Today’s consumers are smarter than ever before, which means marketers will have to continue their push for more targeted content. The key is reaching the right audience and doing so at the right time. In 2022, marketing efforts will inevitably need to be even more personalized because of the massive amount of data available to marketers.

7. Video Will Continue to Be King

Marketing-Techniques-for-2022With so many different types of content being produced each day, it’s clear which format reigns supreme: video. Consider making videos and posting them on your website for your audience or customers to see. Making videos explaining your products or services will help customers and leads better understand your brand, and therefore, be more inclined to purchase what you’re selling.

8. Social Media Becomes Even More Powerful

Marketing-Techniques-for-2022Social media has become a vital part of any marketing campaign in the past year. Lots of marketers say social media is now their most effective marketing tactic. As social media continues to be an integral part of any business’s digital strategy, more customers will likely flock to businesses that offer unique and engaging posts.


In conclusion, today’s consumers are smarter and more informed than ever before. As a result, marketers need to step up their game to stay relevant over the next five years. Instead of focusing on massive, misguided advertising campaigns, brands will now utilize intelligent inbound marketing and targeted content.

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Amy Sloane is an alumni of Oregon State University where she studied marketing and business. She spends her free time writing and is a knitting enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly.

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