How to create a professional email address with a custom domain name?

You must be receiving many junk emails. This is because these emails are from untrusted people not using professional emails. A professional email address with a custom domain name builds email authority.

In this tutorial, you will learn how you could create a professional email using your own domain name. It should be something like, or any other prefix.

I am going to show you the steps from scratch to buy email hosting at, then set up a business email. 

Why Choose a Professional Email Address?

Do you open all the emails in your Gmail account? No, you don’t. The reason for not opening such emails is not trusting them due to unidentification. Such emails go to spam or even if they land in your inbox, you hit the delete option. 

Do you want the same thing to happen with your emails too?

Not having a professional email will incur a great loss to you as your emails will be ignored. Some might even delete it without opening or reading what’s inside it.

Creating a business email for your custom domain name builds trust amongst new customers.

When users receive an email with your custom domain name, they tend to open it. 

So it is time to register a domain name at, and then create a professional email address.

If you want email hosting, you can get it at only $1/month with the control panel. 

Look out for the step-by-step procedure to create a custom domain email address via control panel.

seekahost email hosting

How to create a Professional email address via

To start with, you need an account on SeekaHost. So start with registering your free account by clicking on Get Started. Now sign up by registering your email address which would be your username. 

seekahost signup

Agree to the terms and create your account for free. After successful registration, check your email for a verification link and continue by logging into your SeekaHost panel.

seekahost account reg

After you have logged into the control panel, you can purchase email hosting. Go to Hosting Plans and then Email hosting

seekahost dashboard

You will find different email hosting plans to choose from starting at $1 per month. 

seekahost professional email

The system will ask you to enter your address. Fill up the required fields and continue by subscribing to the plan.

seekahost address

You have multiple payment options like PayPal or credit card. So, choose anyone and click on Order Now. 

seekahost payment confirm

The order information will be sent to your registered email address. 

seekahost payment success

I am assuming that you have a domain name registered. So now you can proceed with the email configuration. 

How To Set up a Professional Email Address via

If you have reached this step, it means you have your email hosting plan. The next big step is to set up a professional email address. 

For that, you should go to Email hosting, and click on Create New Email.

You will be asked to choose your domain. So, either register a new domain or choose an existing one. Click on Use This Domain.

seekahost use domain

Confirm by clicking on the Create button that you want to create an email with the domain chosen.  

seekahost create email

Within a few seconds, you have your custom domain email address created and is also active.

seekahost professional email list

The email activation message is sent to your email. Do check your email once again and you will find the domain creation confirmation. 

So you are done with the custom email activation and now you need to create a mailbox from where you can send and receive messages.

Go to the domain settings, and click on the Action button next to your domain. Then, click on create mailbox button. 

seekahost create mailbox

Time to set your custom email address. You can set an email like and then set a password for it. This email and password will be used to log into your mailbox with webmail.

seekahost mailboxusername password

Click on Save changes and your mailbox is ready.

seekahost mailbox ready

Click on webmail and log in using your professional email and password.

seekahost webmail login

Once the mailbox gets created, you will receive an email with the mailbox name and the domain name on which the email was created.

seekahost mailbox confirmation

The webmail interface is user-friendly and easy to operate. 

Let me show you how you can use the webmail. But before that, you need to follow some more email configuration steps.

seekahost webmail interface

You need to set up the MX records. Go to the Domains setting and locate DNS management. Enable it and set the MX record.

seekahost dns

First, choose the record type as MX and then enter the address & priority.

seekahost mx config

In the address, you should rename the hostname with your custom domain name. 

Finally, Save the changes.

seekahost hostname

seekahost mx priority

If you have understood the steps to configure the MX record, you can now test your webmail. To send a new email, click on compose and just Gmail, fill up the remaining fields. Clicking on Send will send your email to the destination.

seekahost test webmail

For now, you can choose your own email address in the recipient email as you are testing it.

seekahost test email

If the email was sent successfully, then you reply to the same email. This way you will receive an email in your mailbox and your testing will be complete.

seekahost email recieve

If all these steps are followed properly, your email will be up and running in no time.  

seekahost email testing done Email Hosting Plans

seekahost email hosting plans

As already discussed, you can select any email hosting plan in the control panel. 

The cheapest one is $1/month offering a space of up to 5 GB.

If you need more space and bandwidth, you can choose a higher plan. 

The $1 per month plan is good enough if you have a single website hosted at

Top Reasons To Choose cheapest email hosting service

seekahost cheap email hosting

  • Email setup requires less time.
  • The price of email hosting is cheaper than other companies, so you save more.
  • Get a unique professional email for your domain and spread the word to the world.
  • Choose the plan accordingly with the space and mailboxes required.
  • All emails are private and secure.
  • No ads, clean webmail interface.
  • At one-click, you can create your professional email. 
  • Easily integrate your professional email with third-party email providers. 

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The steps covered in this tutorial will make it very easy for you to create a professional email on control panel.

If you have any queries, you can reach out to us and get your queries resolved.


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