Getting Your Magento Website Ready For High Traffic

If you have an e-commerce website, the amount of website you get on the site determines the profitability or the sales you make. The more traffic you get on your Magento site, the more leads and sales it generates.

However, at times an increase in traffic on your site can be dangerous. A slight increase in your site traffic sometimes can result in increased load. If your brand is not that ready for the increasing traffic, it can slow down or even crash.

As an online business, you want to ensure your business is always on the right track. Hence, you should get in touch with top Magento agencies in London who can assist you with all aspects of Magento upgrades and growth.

When you have a Magento site, you want to ensure you can withstand the traffic during peak times and deliver a better user experience on your site to increase conversions.

How you can prepare your Magento store for traffic peaks?

1. Predict the increase in traffic

The simplest way to prepare for increasing traffic on your Magento site is to predict when it is likely to occur. Dive into the metrics on your site and understand what they are trying to say. One important metric is the average traffic per day. You should check the average daily traffic for the past few months and the peak traffic in the past months.

Getting Your Magento Website Ready For High Traffic - Predict the increase in traffic

Compare the metrics by simply calculating the percentage increase in traffic in the last year’s peak season compared to the average in the preceding months. Additionally, your business can find out the hours and days that your site experiences high traffic.

This is helpful where your business is not tied to the seasonal surges in demand.

2. Test site performance 

It is now time to find out if your site can handle the heavy traffic if you know what to expect. Use the recommendations from Adobe and other third-party experts to utilize load testing.

Once the test is complete, you will understand the site’s capabilities better and know all the problem areas on your site that you should fix. You can take all the measures needed to improve your site performance. You need this type of testing if you want to get ready for the seasonal increase in traffic.

3. Prepare your site for the increase in traffic

You should prepare your site for high traffic if you want to get the most out of increasing site traffic. Your marketing team should ensure you are on the latest Magento. With the latest version of Magento, you will improve your site performance and data caching.

Prepare your site for the increase in traffic

When you update your current Magento site, you increase your website security. This is essential during an increase in your site traffic. Note that most site hackers are always active when your site experiences high traffic.

You can use content delivery networks (CDN) to streamline data caching. When using Adobe Commerce, you can access the Fastly CDN. Utilize third-party services to develop a unique content delivery solution.

Increase the server capacity to improve site performance and get through the traffic peaks. You shouldn’t forget about other small measures that you can take to improve your website. You can resize the product images to reduce the potential load. Use at least 72 dpi on your product images to cut the load on the site.

Final Thoughts 

Magento is a powerful tool that your e-commerce business can use to attract leads and convert them to buyers. However, not all sites can withstand the influx of visitors during seasonal spikes. In such times, businesses can lose a lot of sales.

As an e-commerce store, you should be able to predict traffic spikes on time and know what you should expect.

Run a load test on your site to know how much you can handle. You should also develop the most appropriate measures and resort to several tactics like CDN to boost your server capacity.

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