The Elements of a Good Real Estate Website

For the new entrepreneurs in the real estate market, having a good website is key to driving traffic and bringing in leads and clients. You may not be new to the game though and just new to the digital era. This guide will break down the most important elements that make up a successful website.

For the last decade, and even more so since the pandemic, the real estate website’s that market well have been successful because of their ease-of-use systems and convenience factors.

A client wants to know who you are and what you’ve done before even reaching out to your agency or an agent. This will let them know whether their time is being well-invested, and you will be a suitable partner for their next purchase.

So, a good real estate website is sort of like a first impression. Something you’ll want to nail down. That’s why this is a two-part component. The information or the imperatives, and the attractions or the additions.

The Imperatives

The imperatives are the reasons or elements that are attracting a customer to your website in the first place. These answer the important questions and the informational part of their journey.

  1. Listings
  2. Bio
  3. Portfolio
  4. Services

Let’s break down each Imperatives categories.


This is the first question to consider. Why is the client coming to my website? Well, they are coming to buy or sell a house, so they most likely want to see the types of homes we are selling. This is important because it will allow potential clients to see that they can easily fit under your wings.


About - Real Estate WebsiteThe second question a client is going to ask is, “Who are you?’ A client wants to know what the company they are potentially going to work with is about. This is a great chance to talk about when the agency was established and by who. The core brand values can be mentioned here as well as the reason for opening the agency in the first place.

Anything too long will bore the reader so make sure to get to the facts quickly and identify yourself properly.

Each agent should have their own picture and bio with the same under a section labeled “agents”.


The next question will be, “What success has your company had?” This is different than your current listing. This is going to be your resume in some way. An agent should have a portfolio to show the success stories of the company. This will be your major sales or goals that the agency or individual agents or brokers have achieved.

If you are new, don’t worry. You can provide past experience as a starting point and build your portfolio up.


Services - Real Estate WebsiteThis should be a simple list of services your agency provides. Anything that you offer can be listed with photos that resemble the service. There is no need to get too wordy here as a service should be explanatory or can be called in over the phone to inquire about. If there is too much writing on a screen describing each service a client may feel like they don’t know where to start.

It’s important to have a “get to the point” attitude with websites.

The Additions

The additions are what make a customer stay. This is your unique brand and how the information is presented.

Additions can be broken down into these categories.

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Brand Identity
  3. Call To Actions

Ease Of Use

The ease of navigation through your website is going to be the first impression that makes or breaks you. If a website is disorganized and tough for anyone to navigate let alone someone who may not be tech-savvy, you can say goodbye to the client right then and there. Someone who wants to buy or sell a house with you will want organization and the first step to proving you are organized as a company is having an organized and thoughtful website.

Brand Identity

What goes into being thoughtful is having a unique brand that a consumer can identify with. This means having consistency in your colours, your messaging, and what a customer can expect from you. If you want to portray confidence in your brand identity, then bold lettering can be a great example that shows this in titles on your website.

If you want to provide comfort and show maturity in your website, then choose a colour scheme that is both timeless and appealing to a customer.

This is where you can get a little unique and show your creativity that will stand out from the other websites. You may have a website that has more blogs that give a customer ideas on how to style their home. They may appreciate this and consider your company as an informational go-to friend. This is all a part of brand identity.


Contact Us - Real Estate WebsiteWhile this is at the end of our segment this is a step that you definitely don’t want to skip over. Once a client has scouted your website and has decided you have nailed the first impression test, make sure there are plenty of call-to-action options.

For instance, a “contact us” page should be very visible from the first second they enter the website. This will be memorable, and they will know to come back to this to find an email, phone, number, and any social media accounts.

There should also be a page dedicated to booking appointments. This saves the customer hassle of having to call and book an appointment themselves and allows them to do this at the touch of a button. This is also a time-saver for you and makes things a little more efficient.

Lastly, it’s important to have social media pages featured on your website through call-to-actions. The younger generations care more about seeing your Instagram content and getting their information through Facebook than they do through other platforms. This is important so you know how to speak to all audiences.


If you’re in need of examples, then consider taking a look at Chance Realty LLC. This will show you that a number of these qualities are put into practice and work in real-time. Websites like Rome are not built in a day. They need constant care and updates as the digital world update itself.

Staying up with the times is the best thing you can do for your website and constantly linking people to your website through digital marketing is a great way to drive traffic and keep the flow of traffic moving in a circular pattern that ultimately leads back to where the real magic happens. In the office.

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