How to get new email account for your business?

Almost all of us have an email account for communication purpose. Also, since there is availability of free email accounts, one can take the liberty and opportunity to send emails to as many individuals and as many times. Then where does they lack? Enterprises or organizations utilizing email services for promotion, marketing and gaining subscriptions, first of all need to introduce themselves. Free or common mails just have username as your reference.

Gmail, yahoo or Hotmail cannot be referred to as your business or domain name. These email services lack in associating your website or domain name to the email ID. Hence, when dealing professionally, you need to have a business email account for interacting formally with your customers and making them aware of who you really are. But is it just for gaining professionalism or there is more to it? It’s easy to setup an email account in Outlook for business.

In this post we’ll discuss, what are the key benefits of creating a professional email for your business and how to go about it?

how to get a new email account for business

Key benefits of creating business email account

Professional and secure mailing

Your email will be visible and used in all the business related communication. In that case, leaves a more professional impact rather than Moreover professional emails benefits you in terms of offering high uptime and spam and virus filters for blocking malicious mails. Emails that are sent from a professional mail ID has bleak chances of being marked as spam.

Building brand and credibility

Business emails definitely catch your client’s attention as they appear more credible and authenticated. Also, since your email is associated with your business domain name, there lies a great opportunity to build awareness and popularity of your brand. It’s a powerful way of marketing and engaging your customers with your business.

Great customization options

Business emails come with effective additional benefits, like increased storage space, monitoring of mails and customizing your mails. These features aids in organizing and managing your mailbox in the right way. In addition, you’ll be saved from unnecessary ads and promotion mails.

After decorating the features and importance of having a professional Email account, let’s quickly walk through as to how to create a new email account for your business

email account for business

Create your business email account in 5 easy steps

  1. Open the website of Email service provider. Go to the Email Page
  2. From the O365 suite, select O365 Email option and select the desired plan.
  3. For purchasing the required plan, enter your payment details
  4. You’ll be receiving an email for the new account confirmation.
  5. Click Manage and enter the username and password which will be used for your business communication. You can also link it to other email account.
  6. Account created. Once your account is successfully created, you can send a test mail for performing a check.

Depending upon your needs you can opt for different email account plans. Say to register for an economical plan you can omit business apps or to get a highly profession account you can opt for the entire Microsoft suite.

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