How to Setup Email on your Phone?

Want to immediately access your Email and get notified about the same? Well smartphone has made it simpler and easier for checking out your mails on your phone itself. But you need to configure and setup your Email before you actually use it. This article will help you out in achieving the same by just following some simple steps.

Steps for setting up Email on your Android phone

  1. Open the Applications icon and go to settings option and open Email app (some android phone has built in email app directly in their main menu)
  2. Select the Add account Choose the account type like Email, Google, POP3 or IMAP.
  3. Type your already existing Email address. Next enter the same password which is associated with your Email account. Alternatively, you can create a new account too.
  4. Select OK for accepting TOS (Terms of service). Your device will take little time to perform the sign in process.
  5. Next the Google services option is prompted on your screen. It will list down various communication options like news update and offers, books, movies & TV, Newsstand etc…from Google play. Select the boxes to check mark the option or deselect to uncheck it.
  6. Select the arrow that’s placed on the bottom right side of the screen. This will finally complete the setup process.

setup email on phone

By following the above steps you can add multiple unique emails to your android phone. By just tapping on the Email icon (which is created using the Email setup for example Gmail icon) you can start accessing and managing your mails.  In case you want to remove a particular Email account just follow the below-mentioned steps.

For deleting/removing an Email account from your Android phone

  1. Go to Applications and click on the settings options.
  2. Select Accounts and then select the Email option.
  3. Depending on how many accounts you have setup, you’ll get a list of your email accounts. Select the email account you wish to remove.
  4. Select the Remove account option place at the bottom right of the screen. Your account will be removed from your Android phone.

how to setup email on phone

You may also want to get notifications for the new incoming mails. Follow these steps

For setting up Email notifications on your Android phone

  1. Go to Applications and tap on the settings options.
  2. Go to accounts and select Email options. Now go to settings.
  3. In case of a single email account the settings will be displayed on the next screen. For multiple email accounts, select the desired email account for which you want to enable the notifications.
  4. Tap the email notifications box, this will check mark the box. Tap it again to uncheck it. Once checked you will start receiving the notifications for your respective email account in the status bar or the screen of your phone.
  5. Optionally, you can select the sound associated with the notification. Go to the option select the ringtone and tap on whichever ringtone name you want. Click on ok and you are done.

So grab your android phone and start implementing the above steps. Your Email then will be just a click away!

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