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Common local citation building services FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) refer to the listed questions with their appropriate responses or answers. They apply to some context within a particular topic mostly on a website or a blog that aids users of the internet get the information or clarification they need and the website administrators also get input from the general online public. It is an ask and share forum where everyone wins and gains.

It can also be termed as Questions and Answers (Q&A) and is applicable on email mailing lists and online forums in which questions that more often than not tend to cause controversy and are common get to be addressed properly, through the right channel and every user gets satisfied.

With regards to local citation building citation services, there are many questions that companies seeking to fully understand how their listing and citations work always have. Companies also want to know the procedure and cost for listing and citations and what will make their company different from its competitors.

In the business and technology world, there are always common questions that need to be addressed in order to quench the yearning want of users of online services especially on concepts and ideas they are unfamiliar with. This platform gives them room for them to satisfy their curiosity.


Some of the questions asked with regards to the local citation building services include:

  • How does a company or business order the services of the local citation building service?

Details of this is revealed and entail that the company seeking a service to choose the appropriate package relevant to the listing and citation it requires and then it pays for this using the described mode of payment.

  • How much do local directory submissions cost?

The local citations building service clearly stipulates that the submission cost vary with the package a company chooses to order where the range in price of the package and its specifications is clearly defined. So it will depend with the kind of traffic and reach a company wants to go for then see its package details and the corresponding cost. The payment method is also defined. All the options are listed be it visa, debit or credit card.

Local citations building services does not offer any discount to its customers even on bulk orders.

  • Are the local citations building services done manually?

Yes, the local citations building services uses skilled and trained professionals well versed in their field of expertise to carry out manual building of local citations. And this work can be examined, tested and verified.

  • Are the local directory submissions services new submissions?

The local citations building services when undertaking such a task must first of all ensure that old submissions are cleared or updated before embarking on the task of doing new submissions which will only be done as per the package paid for.

Hence the new citations for a company through this will be new, consistent and updated.

  • What happens when a company is already listed on a local directory?

The company is first put under review by the local citations building services and the information existing is cross checked with the current information about the company. If they differ then it is updated but if it is consistent then no changes are required. In both these scenarios, the aftermath involves shifting the information from the original directory to a new highly rated directory as a new submission in the package chosen.

  • How does submission to the local directories get done?

The local citations building services uses its experts to manually list companies and businesses into highly rated directories. An expert will choose the most ideal directory for a company, and the directory will first be checked to figure out whether the company was already listed or cited there. The company’s details are manually and carefully submitted. Verification and profile management will be done through email. Then finally a report will be sent to the company with all the details of the procedure to its success.

  • What kind of company or business information is submitted to these local directories?

The company’s identity, details and technical information are shared. All this information is required by the local citations building services at the time the company is ordering for a listing service. The information includes but not limited to: URL, keywords, description, company’s name, owner’s name, full address, phone and fax, company’s email address, year of establishment, links to multi-media content, logos, photos, social media links.

  • Is there a guarantee that submissions will result in live listings?

Use of the auto-approve directories is a major feature of the local citations building services will ensure that submissions of a company’s citations are live and real. However, will the directories only accepting approved listings, it will only be a guarantee if the module for approval goes through. The local citations building services has an impressive record of 80% approval success rate which should be convincing enough to a company.

  • How can a company verify its listing?

A company would use the final report from the process of submission and approval of the local citations building services once the order is complete and this will be a legal document showing the steps to completion. And since the directory is auto approve, the company website URL provided in the report would be used together with the login information provided here the company owner and check the listing manually. This occurs a few days later after submission.

  • How will a company choose which local directories to submit to?

The directory should have a high ranking. This is a basic requirement since it allows for quick reach of the company’s citations and listings by its audience and consumers. The directory should have sufficient traffic which will bring traffic to the company’s website. The domain authority, length of the approval process and the directory quality all play big parts in determining its choice.

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