Manage your inbox and get back to work with these email tips and tools

Nowadays everything is accessible over the phone with just a finger touch, be it your social networking account, messages or even mails. Every now and then you’ll get notifications and pop ups regarding updates, new messages or mails. But as you jump into your inbox, you’ll be drown into the pool of messages, struggling hard to search as to what you need and what to discard.

Moreover, this kind of mismanagement often leave us accidentally skipping the important mails too.

To resolve this issue and effectively managing your inbox we have framed a few tips and tools that will certainly prove beneficial to you.

  1. Check your inbox once in a day
  2. Organize mails using folders
  3. Manage Promotional emails
  4. Utilize Autoresponder
  5. Do it right with Boomerang plugin

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Let’s see who to perform the above techniques in the right way

Check your inbox once in a day

It’s a good practice to regularly check your inbox rather than facing the bombardment of all of them all in one go. But what should be the checking interval? No, not every now and then. This can kill your productive time. Schedule your time say once in early noon and once late evening for reading and responding to your mails. Though it also depends on your business needs and criticality, as some may need to constantly online for checking and reverting to mails. But generally scheduling fixed time is the key.

Organize mails using folders

If you have ever noticed, your mailbox is designed to organize and manage things effectively. But we lack in implementing this. Creating folders for mails coming from different set of groups is a smart option. For example, emails coming from HR can be populated in one folder, sales into one folder or credit card alerts in one folder. The idea is to keep things well categorized. In addition, you can make use of auto filters for adding emails to folders automatically by the means of keywords.

Manage Promotional emails

Promotional business emails make it tough for your inbox to actually inhale for space. Nowadays they have become quite rampant. But we are here to actually break all these issues of concern. There are useful tools to achieve the same, namely Unlistr and Upon selecting the unwanted email senders. Unlisted automatically detects and unsubscribes emails and newsletters from such senders. also performs the same but provides the additional benefit of creating a Rollup for keeping the required promotional emails organized under one daily email.

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Utilize Autoresponder

There are certain repetitive emails for which you need to respond the same way.  This is not at all a good way of managing you mails. Rather you can create template responses for such mails and send it as and when required thereby saving upon your time. Creating Autoresponder in emails for FAQs helps in responding in a quick and effective way.

Do it right with Boomerang plugin

Boomerang is a Gmail plugin which helps in setting reminders for emails and delays sending of emails. It works by removing mails from inbox which doesn’t require your immediate attention. You can set a reminder date and time, to send those mails later.

These tips if implemented rightly can well manage your inbox, keeping it light, clean and organized.

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