PR and Content Marketing – Top 3 Reasons why they’re Inseparable

In this age of high-speed internet and right-at-your-fingertips information, brands are constantly competing to get consumers’ attention and keep it.

Standing out among the crowd and getting noticed is no easy feat for anyone. To make sure that your company is getting attention for the right reasons, you need to have both strong PR and content marketing strategies.

What is the Difference and Similarity between PR and Content Marketing?

PR, or public relations, is concerned with building partnerships across different, usually traditional, platforms to effectively communicate a brand’s messaging.

Public relations typically make use of earned or non-paid media like newspaper articles, press coverage, and blog and magazine features to help increase brand awareness and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with these traditional media contacts.

The exposure that PR brings gives brands more visibility through informative and credible sources.

Content marketing, on the other hand, primarily resides in the digital world through blogs, podcasts, social media, and many more. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that creates and distributes relevant and valuable content to effectively engage with a target audience.

In terms of playing fields, PR engages with the public through the media partners’ audiences, while content marketing, for the most part, makes use of its own identified channels.

While these two may seem like they are independent of each other, public relations and content marketing actually work best when they go hand-in-hand. They go well together, not unlike your favourite TV sitcom duo of food combinations.

Both aim to raise awareness, increase conversion, and drive customer loyalty by providing consistent storytelling, creating a wider reach, and building credibility for your brand.

So, discover why now why PR and Content Marketing are inseparable and how PR supports content marketing with the below digital PR campaign examples.

1. Consistent Storytelling Across All Platforms

Content marketing and public relations are both concerned with telling your brand’s story. And adding both to your integrated marketing plan will ensure that you get to tell your story effectively and consistently.

Much like maintaining continuity is essential in filmmaking, consistent storytelling in both PR coverage and creating content for blogs, websites, and other platforms are essential in making sure the integrity of the brand’s message is kept intact. This seamless flow of your story from traditional to digital channels helps create a stronger brand recall.

With consistent storytelling across the board, you are making sure that your target audience has a solid idea of your brand and what you’re about.

Here are some examples of storytelling across different platforms for wider online visibility:




2. Reach a Wider Audience with Digital PR

The one-size-fits-all approach is losing, if not, has lost its place in the list of effective marketing strategies. In an age where almost everything can be customized (from coffee orders to cars) and options are limitless, consumers look for stories that resonate with them on channels that make sense to them.

Depending on different factors, like where they are in the customer journey, consumers can turn to different sources for information. Some consumers prefer to get recommendations from blogs and social media, while others turn to magazine features and newspaper articles such as media interviews.

Most products or services receive more credibility when mentioned or featured in independent publications such as reviews or guides under different author names as in this example on the


There are also a lot of consumers that look at a mix of both traditional and digital channels.

Employing the help of both PR and content marketing helps make your brand’s story accessible to a wider audience. Being omnipresent in PR and content marketing channels with consistent, relevant, and engaging storytelling allows your brand’s message to be told to a broader audience. Compelling PR coverage can drive traffic to your digital content and vice versa.

3. Build Credibility with PR & Content Marketing

These days, people are meticulous and wary of the information that they consume. While access to and the volume of available information has increased, so has the amount of fake news and questionable data.

Consumers look at both credible sources and relevant sites to verify the information that’s in front of them. More than a good product and a low price point, having consistent storytelling in the right channels develops brand trust. Public relations and content marketing work together to do just that in the form of receiving feedback and references from various sources, which also supports SEO for any business website through so-called link building.


The relationships with media partners that public relation builds lead to the brand’s story being covered by traditional sources like the news and press releases. Content marketing amplifies the brand’s story by creating engaging and relevant, value-adding content that can include links to the PR coverage.

Making sure that your brand’s story is consistent across both PR and content marketing channels helps consumers see your brand’s truthful messaging, adding further value to your brand in the consideration phase. When maximized, this duo can take establishing credibility a step further and improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by earning backlinks from reputable and relevant sites.


To make sure that your brand’s messaging is present at different stages of the customer’s journey, you need to implement your PR and content marketing strategies together. Integrating these two strategies into your overall marketing approach is an effective way to promote your brand and, ultimately, sell your products or services. To make the most out of your PR and content marketing efforts, you should make it a priority to maintain a symbiotic relationship between these two. Take your brand to the next level with this inseparable duo.

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