7 ways to promote your product launch in 2022

You already spent plenty of time and effort developing your new product. The last thing you want is for it to fizzle out on the launchpad instead of a fiery blastoff into the sky. If you want your new idea to take off like a rocket shooting into space, here are seven tips to promote your new product launch in 2022.

Ways to promote your product launch in 2022

1. Provide a special introductory offer

promote your product launch - Provide a special introductory offer

Part of the fun of a product launch is that it can help bring in new customers to your business. In addition to a brand-new product (which is already exciting), you can also provide a special introductory offer to bring in even more people.

Think about offering special deals like:

  • Discounts
  • Reduced-rate product bundles
  • Coupons or vouchers with purchase of new product
  • Buy one get one free (or discounted)
  • Free gift with every purchase

People love deals. If you provide a special introductory offer for your product launch you’ll attract more customers to look at your new product—and maybe even sell more of your existing products in the process!

2. Build suspense on social media

You can’t just release a product and expect people to show up. You have to build up the suspense and let them know something big is coming. The best place to build such suspense is social media.

A few months before the big product launch, make a vague post about “something big” coming soon. You can even add a teaser photo that’s either blacked-out, out of focus or reveals a small detail, just to give potential customers a taste of what’s coming.

Post a few more teasers as time for the launch gets closer to build the suspense. By the time the launch actually happens, all your potential customers will be so excited to finally see what the product is that they’ll have no choice but to come and buy one!

Whenever you make a post for social media, make sure the graphics and photos are high-quality. There’s so much great content on social media, and you have to stand out. Use small business marketing tools to help you design killer social media posts and graphics to entice customers to your launch.

3. Email marketing never goes out of style

It might come as a surprise, but email is still a marketing force to be reckoned with, even in the age of social media. More than 80% of consumers open emails from companies, and over two-thirds of email subscribers have bought something through an email marketing message. Needless to say, email marketing is a great way to promote your new product launch in 2022.

Email marketing never goes out of style

Send several emails before the big launch to make sure customers know what’s coming. You can even take a page out of the social media book and use your email marketing platform to help you build suspense.

On the day of the product launch, be sure to send an email giving all your subscribers a link to purchase—or at least details on how they can purchase. If statistics are correct, you should get plenty of sales from your product launch email campaign!

4. Catch their eye with colorful product displays

Nobody can resist a good product display. Whether they see it in the window of your shop, in the store, or online, an eye-catching display is a great way to make new products stand out and draw more attention from customers.

Creating custom product displays is a great way to make your new product stand out from everything else in your store. It’ll draw more attention from customers, helping maximize your product launch.

Of course, product displays only work when they’re well designed. It’s fine if you’re not graphic designer! There are plenty of high-quality product display graphics templates available online. Just choose the template that best fits your brand, include the information about your new product, and you’re ready to print or post.

5. Give VIPs a sneak preview

The probability of selling to an existing customer is somewhere between 60 and 70%. If you really want to promote your next product launch, focusing on getting your existing customers involved is a great first step.

One way businesses involve existing customers is to offer a VIP sneak preview of new products. Let your existing customers see your new product a few days before anyone else. That’ll help generate buzz and make your existing customers feel appreciated.

Give VIPs a sneak preview

VIP previews can be something simple like access to a special web page with details about your new product, or you can go all-out with a private pre-launch party. Whichever route you choose to take, VIP sneak previews for your existing loyal clients is one way to promote your new product launch and make your current customers feel warm and fuzzy all at the same time.

6. Upgrade and trade-in promotions

Typically when a company releases a new product, it’s because they’ve made a bigger and better version of another product. If that’s the case for your product launch, why not offer an upgrade or trade-in promotion.

With an upgrade or trade-in promotion, existing customers can bring in their old product and swap it out for the newly released version. You can offer discounts or offers like 20% off the new product if you trade in your existing one.

As an added bonus, you might even be able to resell the trade-ins to boost your bottom line—depending on the product, of course. It’s a win for everyone!

7. Host an event (in-person or virtual)

Events are another great way to get customers excited about your new product. Whether you choose to host an in-person or virtual event, they give you and your employees a chance to directly interact with customers and show off all the great features of your new product.

Think of an event like a show-and-tell. There’s no competition with other products. Everyone is there to see your new release. You can talk it up, show potential customers what it can do, and enjoy an entire night promoting your new product.

Host an event

Events don’t have to be fancy or overdone. They can be something simple like drinks and snacks in your store or even just a simple Facebook Live session. No matter what kind of event you choose to host, just make sure you spend plenty of time talking about your new product and engaging with your customers answering all their questions.

Spread the word about your new product

Releasing a new product is an exciting time for your business. It can be just as exciting for your customers too, but they have to know about it first!

The best way to promote your new product launch in 2022 is to build some suspense and make the actual launch a spectacle. Lure customers in with long-term social media and email campaigns before the actual launch, get your existing customers involved with special VIP access, and bring the whole thing home with high-quality product displays and maybe even host an event. The more you keep your new product in the forefront of customers’ minds, the more successful launch day will be!

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