The clear sticker printing process, including the advantages of transparent stickers

Hey! Are you looking to get some clear stickers for your new brand or business? Or maybe you’re just curious how they’re made and how to use them best?

Either way, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about clear (aka transparent) stickers. So let’s get stuck in

What is a clear sticker?

You might think you know, and you probably do. We just wanted to be 100% sure. Clear stickers get printed on highly transparent vinyl in full-color plus white ink. They look like this:

The clear sticker printing process

How are clear stickers made?

Here is a breakdown of each layer within a clear sticker:

the advantages of transparent stickers


  1. A gloss laminate protects the printed design from sunlight, scratching & water.
  2. They are typically printed using digital technology with incredible detail & vibrant colors. White ink is used behind some colors to make them opaque (non-see-thru).
  3. Clear gloss vinyl can be almost invisible.
  4. The permanent, medium-strength adhesive is perfect for 1000 loads of uses.
  5. The thick backing paper makes them easy to peel, keeps them flat, and gives a quality feel.

Why get clear stickers?

Clear stickers are perfect for when you need your printed design to show and not the sticker’s material. It could be you want your design on a shop window and want only your logo to show. In this case, clear stickers are ideal.

If you print a ‘normal’ color onto a transparent sticker, it will appear slightly see-thru as the color is not 100% opaque. Generally, the darker a color is, the less see-thru it gets.

White ink is very opaque, so you can print white behind your normal color to make it non-see-thru. One can create amazing effects using this method.

You can also get front-adhesive stickers using a transparent material. Simply print your design mirrored, then print white ink over the top of it. When you peel the backing away, you’ll see your design perfectly through the clear vinyl & adhesive-layer! You can then stick these to the inside of windows for maximum protection.

Some great examples of clear stickers for popular uses

We’ll show you some great examples of clear stickers in the images below. We hope you enjoy them, and they spark your inspiration.

The clear stickers

Transparent vinyl with white ink only. Perfectly simple but highly effective.

advantages of transparent stickers

This clear oval sticker is ideal for sticking to shop windows. It’s been die-cut in a custom shape around the logo.

Transparent stickers

The vinyl is so transparent you can barely see it. It makes the logo stand out, and it’s super quick to apply.

These candles use a transparent label for branding their candles. They look so good as the color of the wax is emphasized behind the logo.



We hope you’ve enjoyed these examples, and you now have a good idea of how clear stickers get printed and when to use them.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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