4 Effective Ways To Use Print Marketing To Help Your Business Grow

Digital Marketing is extremely powerful; however, it can be extremely competitive. Whilst Google Ads, social media, and email marketing bring crowds to your business you may be falling short on your print marketing.

Printed marketing materials add a personal touch, show professionalism, and can convey your business’ brand and messaging clearly and in a professional manner.

In this article, we will be looking at just a few of the print marketing materials you can use to help you grow your business and why they are important to include in your marketing campaign especially during the pandemic.

Why Does Print Marketing Work?

With the right strategy in place, print marketing can be extremely successful at attracting an audience to your business. Did you know that 92% of shoppers actually prefer print marketing when making a purchasing choice?

National and international brands including Nivea Men, Nestle, Jeep, and much more use print advertising to make an impact. Even in the world of digital printing, people are more attracted to graphics and images, which is why print marketing is imperative in this day and age. Eye-catching, clear messaging, and targeting specific audiences are just a few benefits of print marketing materials.

1. Think Outside The Box

Think Outside The BoxWhen you are designing your print material such as stickers for your business, think outside the box, create something that your customers can interact with! This interaction will help make your print material a lot more memorable which is something you cannot necessarily do with digital marketing.

2. Business Cards

Business CardsWhen you are in business, swapping contact information is imperative and business cards in London make this process a lot more personal. Business cards are a print marketing tool offering you to make a long-lasting first impression for yourself and your company.

A business card will stay with the person you gave it to in physical form after you have made the initial contact, they show that you are prepared which will boost your credibility and professionalism as a whole. They stop you from scrambling for pen and paper and let the other person know that you were ready to network and ready for the interaction.

3. Brochures

Brochure for print marketingBrochures offer a lot of information about your business as a whole or your specific services/products and of course your contact information. You will be able to provide this information in a professional and eye-catching design. They are also versatile, easy to distribute, and are cost-effective.

Before you start the design of your brochure make sure you are aware of the purpose, define your objectives, and exactly what you are trying to achieve. It’s imperative to understand your audience, the message you are trying to convey, and combine this with a great design and high-quality finish.

4. Letterheads

Letterhead for print marketingA letterhead is a physical representation of your company and also says a lot about your brand. If you have a well-designed letterhead, it gives your company credibility and demands attention from the reader as soon as they see it. It gives the impression that you are a professional and well-established business, who knows exactly what they are doing.

They will show off your company name, logo, and contact information if you expect correspondence back. A person is more likely to take a letter seriously and reply to a document with branding and contact information included.

There you go, now you should be ready to use print marketing in the most suitable and effective ways for your business. Remember, it’s all about being unique and different! Don’t just copy designs, be creative!

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