4 Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Energy Efficiency

Becoming more energy-efficient can have a great impact on your business overheads and reputation, but also on our planet and our lives in general. Nowadays, as climate change is becoming an increasingly more critical issue, it is more important than ever to be mindful of the energy we consume. It shouldn’t be a scary change though – below, we have compiled a list of the easiest ways your business can become more energy efficient.

4 Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Energy Efficiency

1. Upgrade your old electrical equipment

Upgrade your Old Electric Equipment

If your current equipment (for example computers, printers and scanners) is becoming a little long in the tooth, chances are it wastes way more energy than you need, while driving up your bills. Replacing all old equipment with a new one may seem like a costly change to your office, but it will help you save much more money and energy in the long run.

Equipment like printers and computers are also much more susceptible to using energy even when on standby, especially if left plugged in or in an idle state.

Nowadays, modern office equipment has an integrated power-saving mode which allows you to consume limited energy while using it, and also a timer which will automatically turn off any equipment if left unused for too long.

2. Update your energy contract

A lot of people prefer to stay loyal to one energy company, but that might actually become more costly as time goes on. If you haven’t checked your contract in a while here is your reminder to do so, you might realise you are currently paying a lot more than you set out to when the contract was first put in place.

Switching to a new company is the most likely way to reduce energy costs, as this allows you to research the market and select a plan that is perfectly fitted to your business needs. You don’t need to do this research by yourself, as you can always opt for a business energy procurement company to deal with it instead.

3. Optimise your heating and cooling

Optimise your Heating and Cooling

Heaters and air conditioning are known to be the biggest energy vampires in any office, as a lot of people don’t actually manage them properly or use them both at the same time causing conflicts between them. By turning up the heating by even as little as 1˚C, you may drive up your energy costs by a lot without getting much in return.

You should make sure to keep a set temperature at all times in the office, while also being mindful of the working environment and how it affects your employees.

Don’t just keep it at the lowest possible temperature – a cold, uncomfortable working environment can affect productivity, and, in turn, your business goals may not be met. There is a balance between comfort and energy efficiency, so make sure to regularly assess whether that balance is kept.

4. Optimise your restrooms

Optimize your Restrooms

People sometimes underestimate how much energy and water gets wasted in this one room. If you use switch lights and lever or spin taps in your office restrooms, chances are you are wasting much more energy than needed.

For the lights, you should instead opt for motion sensor lights – not only will they turn off automatically when the restroom is not in use, but they are also more hygienic as you don’t need to touch a switch to turn them on.

As for the taps, push taps are the way to go nowadays. Being able to simply push the tap and have it automatically turn off after a set time will help you waste less water, making your office even more environmentally friendly and less wasteful.

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