Which is best Chrome or Firefox?

Comparisons are good for healthy discussions and eventually making the best choice for oneself. But what if the comparisons are neck and neck. Chrome and Firefox are the two popularly used web browsers that have gained Internet users trust and satisfaction. Though Chrome has a soft corner of being our old time favorite Google’s launch. Neither the technology nor the people have a satisfaction level. All crave for gaining something better and better.

All was going pretty Chrome until Mozilla came up with attention seeking claims. Firefox, introduced by Mozilla has laid down the fact that the RAM utilized by Firefox browser is 30% less than what Chrome uses. In simple terms, too much of opened Chrome tabs can make you and your device slow down. It’s also asserted that Firefox uploads the site faster compared to Chrome.

Let’s briefly compare as to which one is best Chrome or Firefox.


Both Chrome and Firefox wins over presenting their browser with simple and clean design. Nevertheless Firefox wins more point by presenting customized menu bars and settings that are easy to set. A big back button being the highlight.  Chrome was never bothersome either!

chrome or firefox

RAM utilization

When working on any of our systems, RAM ensures to provide space to the applications you are currently using or are opened. This makes the accessing quiet fast. When a browser is active it involves presence of tabs, extensions, add-ons simultaneously. Good amount of RAM will handle all this without affecting the speed of your computer. But in case your computers slows down with just opening of a browser, then the RAM is being getting engulfed by your browser. When compared which browser utilized more RAM out of the two, facts revealed that Firefox makes your computer slow down compared to Chrome.


Well here Mozilla’s claim about Firefox do win a chance since the page uploaded by Firefox browser is comparatively faster. Whereas the same page when opened in Chrome will be behind by few milliseconds.

Choice of Add-ons and Extensions

Both the competitive browsers encompasses their own collection of add-on and extensions for improvising the browsing effect. One can avail benefits from plentiful of apps.

which is the best browser

The only major feature that draws out a significant difference is the ‘Casting Option’.  Casting allows the viewing of one video on YouTube and running the other video simultaneously on some other device on the same YouTube app. Firefox as of now don’t have this particular option of Casting. Users who want to avail this option can clearly go for the Chrome Browser.

Chrome also has the benefit of being sustainable for many years keeping its users interest into great consideration.

If the above differences or similarities makes you draw some conclusion over which wins over the other, then you can make your ‘Personal’ choice. Neither choice will disappoint you.

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