Why Eco Diamonds are considered better than Mined Diamonds?

For several years, the source of diamond stones have been the Earth’s crust. Naturally occurring diamonds are formed under the Earth’s crust over a period of a billion years under conditions of high temperature and pressure.

These diamonds are then extracted from under the Earth through mining and are subjected to processing techniques which yields quality stones that can be used for jewellery making. However, the environmental and ethical concerns related to the mining of diamonds has made them less popular in the recent times.

The growing concerns of diamond mining led to the discovery of eco diamonds which are also referred to as lab grown diamonds. These diamonds are created in a laboratory under conditions of high temperature and pressure in a matter of a few days.

Eco Diamonds have Properties similar to mined diamonds

The diamonds created in this manner are exactly similar to the ones mined from under the Earth’s crust in terms of its physical, optical and chemical properties. Recently, recycled diamonds and carbon negative diamonds have also been included under the umbrella term of eco diamonds since they are produced without any threat to the environment.

The rise in popularity of lab grown diamonds is proof of the fact that the people are becoming more environmentally conscious and becoming prudent in their choices as well. The advantaged of eco diamonds over mined diamonds is listed below

  • Eco diamonds are more environmental friendly than the mined diamonds since they are produced with minimal threat to the environment. Choosing eco diamonds over mined diamonds as a part of your jewellery will mean that you are consciously taking effort to fight environmental damage and climate change.
  • Eco diamonds are also conflict free because they are created in a laboratory and are not associated with intensive labour under harsh environment and humanitarian issues. Therefore, you can buy them guilt free.

Eco Diamonds are Superior

  • Eco diamonds are superior because they can be created in a few days as opposed to the naturally occurring diamonds that take a billion years to form.
  • There is a greater availability of lab grown diamonds in the market since they are fast and easy to create. They can be created according to their demand in the market supply and therefore provide you with more options for customization of your jewellery according to your tastes.
  • Lab grown diamonds are available in a wide array of colours, are sustainable and big in size. Mined diamonds on the other hand are mostly available in small sizes since the processing removes much of the diamond structure.
  • A lab created diamond has more clarity as compared to the mined diamonds which tend to have certain inclusions and aberrations since they are mined under the earths crust. You will be able to get a big and bright stone at an affordable price if you opt for lab grown diamonds.
  • One of the greatest advantage of lab grown diamonds is that they are more affordable and you will be able to buy lab diamond jewellery, like diamond wedding rings Hatton Garden, without actually breaking your bank.

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