Why Chrome Browser is used by most of the people

What makes Google Chrome the most popular browser

The Internet has become the lifeline of today’s highly engaged society. Just open your browser window and there you gain your entry into the World Wide Web. In former years Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) was the only popular browser that was commonly talked and walked until Google, which was already well prevailing in the market, unleashed ‘Chrome’ in the year 2008. Since then Chrome gradually started sinking its roots by becoming yet another popular choice of browser among the individuals and a tough competitor for IE.

Though initially, Chrome was made compatible with Windows platform, over the course of time it was extended to Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android too. There do exist many other browsers otherwise, but exhibiting some or the other technicality issue as reported and experienced by the Internet users. Apparently, Chrome has effectively maintained its services by providing quality support and appending significant features on a regular basis.

To be precise following are the 5 essential reasons why Chrome Browser is used extensively.

Simple to Use

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As rightly quoted ‘Simplicity is the Best Policy’. We all are aware of what Google appears like, what can be simpler than that. This is the foremost feature that attracts the maximum range of audiences. Instead of running around the bush, Chrome makes it strictly simple, keeping its user interest and ease as the central focus.

Appealing Apps

Is Google Chrome a safe browser

Google keeps on surprising its users by introducing interesting and valuable assets. One such launch was the Chrome Web Store, which could be utilized by the users to avail a spectrum of stuff like attracting apps, extensions, ad blocking, etc…  Resultant, various developers too rushed in launching their Apps on the chrome store.


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Though you’ll get your page uploaded pretty fast with almost every browser, but the difference is marked when a heavy page is coming your browsers way. There your browser goes in a dormant state. In contrast, Chrome does its duty very effectively and consistently even if the webpage is bombarded with heavy graphics, videos, and ads. It uploads any size and volume of the webpage within a second.

Prompt Updates

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Your browser must be compatible enough to go hand in hand with updated and latest technologies. In contrast to other browsers who are little sluggish in reporting the updates, Google Chrome is quick in doing so. It keeps a check on the recent updates and reports the same to its users for smoothing out their browsing experience.


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Apart from offering user appreciated features, Google ensures safeguarding the privacy and security of its users. Behind the scenes, Google has a vast team of highly skilled professionals who are extensively responsible for ensuring that Google updates are securely patched so that there is prevention against any vulnerable attack and the browser is not hampered in any case. This is one of the major demerits which many of the other browsers confronted.

Besides, Chrome has been flexible and kind enough to let it install on any Operating System, whether Windows, Linux, Android, or Mac OS systems. And people do get comfortable with such platform independence. Chrome’s success is loudly declared and proved by millions of happy users who are presently enjoying it one of their devices. Even the one who is reading this!

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