Why Your Remote Team Should Start Using the Slack App

Having a job in an office means that you’re more likely to get to know your coworkers

But when you’re working from home or another city, it can be hard to connect with your team regularly, making it easy for misunderstandings to creep in, for projects to fall through the cracks, and for communication channels to break down, especially if your IT services aren’t up to scratch.

There is a new way to communicate and share files with your team. The Slack app has its roots in the workplace, but it is now being adopted to work beyond working hours.

What Is Slack?

what-is-slack-and-why-remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-appSlack is a communication platform. It allows you to create teams, share documents and other files with your teammates, share direct messages, and view multiple channels simultaneously. You can run polls in a specific channel, allow people to upload files, and invite other members in. It also offers more traditional messaging features like direct messages, group conversations, and the ability to share media easily.

How Does the Slack App Work?

how-does-the-slack-app-workSlack is an online platform for team communication; millions of teams use it. It has different channels to communicate with each other. One channel is for general conversation; another channel is for people who want to discuss the development of any project or running tests on the project, and so on.

You can send direct messages to your teammates in the group. The email forwarding feature is good for keeping track of emails with their attachments. If you want to share a file, you can upload it to Slack, and if you want to keep some of your conversations private, you can send them directly via Slack.

Importance of Using Slack For Your Remote Teams

Slack helps your remote team members to collaborate efficiently and make things easier for them to work as a unit.

The slack platform can be used in the following ways for remote teams:

File Sharing

remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-app-for-file-sharingThe most common way of using Slack is to share files. Instead of sending or keeping a physical file on your team’s computers, you can just get them in Slack and have all your members read or edit it. Building Confidence: This option is best suited for small teams. After the plugin installation, you will be able to share files with anybody who has access to your team’s directory. If you’re working in a remote place, you can still build your team’s confidence.

Buddy Management

This feature allows you to invite your teammates to any channel or send them direct messages. It will also allow you to set their preferred channels and set the defaults for how they respond when certain keywords are typed in the channel. If you want to set a specific message for someone, you can do so.

Public Channels

remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-app-for-public-channelsTo encourage team brainstorming, Slack allows you to create public channels. It will allow anyone who has access to the channel to add their input and ideas without the fear of being removed because they may be too emotional in their response. Some of the public examples include #general and #wackychats.

Keyboard Shortcuts

remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-app-for-keyboard-shortcutsIf you use Slack for more than one team, you can customize the keyboard shortcuts. Instead of switching between teams, you can just press a single key to go to the channel you want to see.

Benefits Of Using Slack

remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-app-for-benefits-of-slackIf you’re looking for a new team chat platform, you’ve almost certainly heard about Slack. It’s an excellent tool for managing remote teams more efficiently. Among the advantages of utilizing Slack are:

Easy to Use

remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-app-for-easy-to-useSlack is a very simple platform. Anyone can use it, even if they haven’t used it before. You don’t need an IT background to understand its functionality; you just have to log in and start using it. It’s also very intuitive and easy to navigate through.

Faster Collaboration

remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-app-for-faster-collaborationSlack allows your team members to keep track of every project they are working on and share files easily with each other. It has many chat tools that allow you and your team members to collaborate on the same files without compromising security or privacy closely.


remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-app-for-secureSlack safeguards every message sent through its platform, it also keeps all your chat histories, file attachments, and documents secure and private. Slack’s cybersecurity weaknesses are non-existent.

Collaborative Workspace for Project-Based Teams

remote-team-should-start-using-the-slack-app-for-collaborative-workspaceThe automation options allow you to set triggers for Slack. So, if some event happens, it will do something else automatically. If you upload a new file to Slack, it may automatically transfer emails with a.txt extension to a certain channel; if someone mentions your name in another channel, it can quickly notify you by email or other messaging applications; and so on


While using Slack for your remote team may seem unusual at first, this tool may help you interact more efficiently with your remote team members. Every team has its unique set of issues, and Slack can assist you in resolving them. Whether you’re not sure if this is the platform for you, give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose! Visit our blog right now if you want to learn more about Slack.

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